International Journal The World Astrology Review, No 2 (50), February 28, 2006

Grigori Rasputin. Life and Death

Alexander Trounev (Toronto, Canada)

Translated by Liudmila Gavrilova (Cologne, Germany)


Catastrophe threatens us. The great misfortunes are near us. The image of Our Lady becomes dark and the spirit is outraged in the silence of the night. This silence will be not so long. The angry will be terrible. And where should we run? In the Holy Scripture is said: “Nobody knows about that day and hour”. For our country this day has come. Blood and tears will flow. In he darkness of the suffering I can nothing distinguish. My hour strikes soon. I am not afraid of, but I know: the parting will be bitter. The only God is aware of all our ways of suffering. A great number of people will die. Many people will be martyrs. The Earth will shudder.

Grigori Rasputin: The last letter.

Grigori Rasputin is a remarkable figure of Russian history at the end of XIX - beginning XX centuries. A simple Russian pleasant from the remote Siberian village he had become the first person under the tsar Nikolai II thanks his exceptional spiritual abilities. Grigori was villainous killed following a conspiracy led by Duke Felix Usupov. Have a look at some peculiarities of this fate from the modern astrological point of view.

Grigori was born in the village Pokrovskoe near Tumen at night 23 January 1871 - in old style (new style – 4 February). His classical horoscope is on the Figure 1.

At the beginning of the summer 1879 8-year-old Grigori and his older brother were drowned in a pond. They were rescued, but his brother was dead several days later because of pneumonia. His death had put indelible impression on Grigori’s psyche. In his dynamic horoscope (Figure 2) that corresponds with the Saturn fall to the Sun which occupies the third house in his horoscope.

In the age of 16 Grigori fell in love with Irina Kubasova – petty bourgeois from Tumen. This woman without nobility gave him a good lesson exposed him to shame. Decoyed him to date she wanted him to take his cloths off, after that she let all her nurses in. Grigori was hardly beaten, so hard, that he was hardly alive. In his dynamic horoscope this accident corresponds to the Sun fall to the Moon which is the weakest planet on the diagram.

28 June 1914 there was an attempt upon Rasputin’s life in his birthplace in the village Pokrovskoe. Hionia Guseva who was engaged by conspirators had cut his stomach from top to bottom. Rasputin had time only to pick up his guts with one hand, so that they didn’t fall out and repulsed the brutalized woman with another one.

The leader of conspiracy was the great Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich – the tsar’s brother who, wishing success to his deal helped the famous terrorist Sergei Trofimov to escape from prison. Trofimov in his turn used Hionia for the realisation of their ominous plan. But Rasputin didn’t die that time. In his dynamic horoscope it is again the ill-fated Saturn to the Sun.

Only 16 December 1916 on the high ray of the Mars the death overtook him. This time the conspirators acted on a dead certainty: they first poisoned Rasputin, than beat him till his death, shoot him down and at least thrown his body into the river Neva. In the river he had found the death. There should be any kind of the astrological explanation foe such a horrible end.

Figure 1: Grigori Rasputin’s classical horoscope.


In his classical horoscope (Figure 1) the Moon combined with the Uranus reaches the star Procyon which means the following:

The star connects with poison danger, toxic gases, snake bites and stings, abscesses, purulent wounds. It has a Mars-Mercury nature that’s why it makes people hot-tempered, jealous, obstinate, but at the same time gives them strong will and opportunity to come all the plans and ideas true. It is considered that people under its influence get irritated, excited, are impudent to others. The star can make success as well as falls afterwards. A deal made in a hurry is short-lived. People who rashly go into frenzy harm themselves. The Procyon gives every person much energy and wit. A combination of the star with another beneficial planets increases success, but such a person must be very reasonable and don’t come to grief.

Figure 2: Grigori Rasputin’s dynamic horoscope.

In his horoscope there was an influence of the Procyon all the time of his “spiritual carrier” and its ominous qualities became apparent at the end of his life – as we know Rasputin’s murder had begun with poisoning.

The next sign – there is a combination Mars-Vindemiatrix in the 11th house of his horoscope. Its classical meaning is the following:

Correlated with the Mars it gives a powerful intellectual energy which is expressed at times through sarcasm and polemic spirit. However it will be parasitized on a person who has this star. It gives slow waste of power. A person attracts “parasite”’ attention who takes away his blood and energy, deprives him on pleasure and good, mocks at him, torture him in every possible way. In Mars combination it stabs in the back, gives unexpected death and fate turns. The star always influences in the negative way on the sexual human nature, conjugal terms, and makes isolation.

We have to say that Grigori’s death was for all the unexpected death indeed. As a tsar family’s favourite he enjoyed the secret police patronage. Every his step was closely watched. His death was possible only as far as his main killer Felix Usupov was not under suspicion. The most important moments of his death were the motives of the crime and its accomplices.

It makes sense to analyse one more sign in Grigori’s horoscope – a combination the dark Moon-Alcyone. The classical meaning of the star Alcyone:

Alcyone is an always crying halcyon. It connects with elemental spirits, house-spirits; insurmountable powers meddle in person’s life. Women realise the men’s mental control. It gives the high patronage, the great power connection with the nature. Animals like this person; he becomes help from the animal world. But with the another corresponding planet connections the star provides great passion and even violence, it is not a good omen in matters connected with another sex, so long as there is a tendency to homosexuality.

It is well known that Felix Usupov was a homosexual person. Another immediate murder accomplice was the great Duke Dmitrii Pavlovich – Felix’s lover, together they were such as one family (they lived in one house). Felix loved Rasputin and suffered from the unacknowledged love. He often was in Rasputin’s house, but without any success. To knowledge Rasputin was felt drawn to Usupov who received treatment for homosexuality. In any case the Duke Usupov get angry had planned the murder, but decided to give it political nuance. He involved for that the orator of the State representative assembly and powerful politician V.M.Purushkevich who hated Rasputin and also the great Duke Dmitrii Pavlovich in the conspiracy. The captain Ivan Suhotin and doctor Stanislaw Lasovert were invited to keep their company like assistants to execute the murder.

Take a look at Rasputin’s classical horoscope again. In his birth chart the 8th house is ruled by Mercury which is in the third house. It is a classic place for death from surrenders’ hand. Felix was such a person indeed. Besides that there is the Jupiter in the 8th house which provides in this case a splendid funeral and a death from noble killers’ hand. So it was: Grigori was killed by Dukes (the servers of the Jupiter) and tsar’s family had buried him.

Notable that four among five conspirators were homosexual persons. In critical moment of the murder they emasculated Rasputin – this fact is explained by the particular transit situation within the murder moment: the transit Sun connected with the Saturn and the Dragon’s Tail. It is clear that the hermaphrodite Mercury as the Lord of the Gemini patronises homosexuality. That’s why the death from their hands is a feature which connects with the Gemini on cusp of the 8th house in the birth chart. It is worth to say that in the death moment the Mercury is in directions in the quadrate with the 8th house in Rasputin’s natal chart.

However the Mars played his own role, so far as at that night Rasputin was shoot 11 times! And even after that he was not dead. (The Jupiter in the 8th house!) That’s why he was bind and thrown into the river hope in the hope that the body would be taken away to the sea. The death of water as Rasputin’s daughter’s version must be right, as long as at that time there was a connection the Neptun-8th house. But taking some sources into account it is notable that he was found in a half a mile from the river ice-hole, from which he got out by himself, but froze to death because of wet cloths when he moved on the river ice. It was 17 December 1916 yet (30 December in old style). In this case as the course of Grigori’s death must be the Saturn – the Lord of his 4th house chart corner which is responsible for ending of things.

It is remarkable that name Irina was fatal for Rasputin – from his first meeting with the petty bourgeois Irina Kubasova till he was supposedly invited to Felix Usupov’s house to treat his wife Irina. Whether the name directly connects with the Gemini or it is the feature of Mercury-women – in every case it is a question.

Even after his death the Mars-Vindemiatrix combination continued to act in its destructive way: revolutionary soldier had dig out and robbed his grave, thrown his body outside and then mocked at him burned down his body. All these actions have astrological explanation, as long as namely the 11th house, in which this correlation takes place, is responsible for the grave safety as well as the 4th house for the 8th one (death house).

The great Dukes Felix Usupov and Dmitrii Pavlovich as well as V.M.Purushkevich – the member of the State representative assembly were the conspiracy organisers and executors.