International Journal The World Astrology Review, No 3 (51), March 23, 2006

The forecast for president G. Bush for 2005-2006

Alexander Trounev (Toronto, Canada)

Translated by Liudmila Gavrilova (Cologne, Germany)

Recently have appeared a lot of astrological forecasts which presage attempts upon G.Bush’s life in 2005. One of those forecasts belongs to Tunisian astrologer Hasan ash-Sharani, who has predicted Lady Diana’s as well as Pope’s death [1]. We have to say that the forecasts about the attempts have yet appeared right at the start point of Bush’s president carrier. Our work contains the review of those forecasts [2]. Our last forecast concerning G.Bush’s health and carrier was published in April 2004 [3]. In the forecast we pointed out that owing to the coincidence of solar- and birth chart corners (Figure 1) the solar year 2004-2005 would be remarkable for G.Bush in the full sense of the word and he would win President elections. However the Sun, Saturn and Mercury were found in the 12th solar chart house - that was an evidence of covert indispositions or illnesses and even possible hospitalisation as well as also secret enemies’ activation. These enemies should show their worth as since his birthday in July 2005. The solar chart 2005 (Figure 2) is already without any sign of any secret animosity, but there is a sign of the obvious animosity from the foreigners’ side – people represented by the Mars in the Aries in the exact opposition to the Ascendant. That could even be a potential murder that attacks without to hide his intention. But most likely the Mars means a start of a new war which will be started by the President in spring 2006. And only the solar chart 2006 (Figure 3) includes exact signs of a life threat for the President of the USA as well as his family, namely:

  1. the 8th death house starts in the Cancer and occupies the Ascendant – it means danger from a secret enemies’ hand;
  2. a combination of he transit Saturn and Pluto in the birth chart in the 8th solar chart house in the quadrate aspect to the combination Moon-Jupiter;
  3. the Jupiter – the Lord of a solar Ascendant - and the Moon - the Lord of the Sun sign – are situated in a combination in the quadrate aspect to the Sun – the Lord of the 8th solar chart house;
  4. a combination Moon-Jupiter in the solar chart repeats this sign in the birth chart;
  5. the Mars and Mercury take place in the 8th solar chart house;
  6. the Pluto – the Lord of the 12th solar chart house is the first solar chart house.

In that way only a month after President’s birthday in 2006 his life and lives of the members of his family may be under threat.


Figure 1. G.Bush’s solar chart for 2004.


Figure 2. G.Bush’s solar chart for 2005.


Figure 3. G.Bush’s solar chart for 2006.



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