International Journal The World Astrology Review, No 3 (51), March 23, 2006

The power of love and zodiac signs (women)

Alexander Trounev (Toronto, Canada)

Translated by Liudmila Gavrilova (Cologne, Germany)

In classical astrology it is usual to think that the Sun is the symbolic Lord of the 5th house through which the love and fun tendency is developed. Furthermore the Sun in female charts can be symbolically a father or lover image. It follows by the way that during any analysis of a social behaviour by the marriage partner (or lover) choice should be a statistic difference between all zodiac representatives because of the Sun position. We have analysed a frequency of using by young women the services helping to find marriage partner (or lover). We have made a careful study of 120 accidentally chosen forms. As it has turned out the frequency is not even. The leaders among the young women are the Gemini and Aquarius (the frequency – 40% more than the average one) and outsiders – the Libra and Pisces (the frequency – 50% less than the average one) – Picture 1.

It would be interesting to know when we unite all the signs according to the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire, the maximum frequency element difference will be only 15% - Picture 2; at the same time the maximum Libra-Gemini difference will be 14/5=2,7 – Picture 1. Thus every element is not an adequate measure of a sign differentiation by the sexual partner or lover choice.

Combining all the signs according to the planet control principle we can point out what signs are the most active (or passive) by the partner choice – Picture 3. It appears that the most active are the Mercury signs – the Gemini and Virgo (the frequency is 35% more then the average one) and the most passive – the Venus signs – the Taurus and Libra (the frequency is 45% less than the average one). In that way the Mercury-Venus signs difference – 27/11=2,45 – it is a very reliable index which shows the difference in the both female groups. Therefore the Venus signs are the most passive signs in love despite a widespread opinion “the Venus patronizes love”. Moreover the most sexual signs according to the opinion of the modern astrology - the Aries and Scorpio – controlled by the Mars, are the average group and they are not the leaders in the lover choice at all! The leading group consists of the signs with the highest sexual activity: the Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

Picture 1. The marriage services using frequency by young women.

Picture 2. The elemental frequency distribution.

Picture 3. The using frequency according to the planets.