International Journal The World Astrology Review, No 4 (52), April 23, 2006

The world crisis and Messiah's coming

Alexander Trounev (Toronto, Canada)

Translated by Liudmila Gavrilova (Cologne, Germany)

According to all the signs a world crisis is not far off. It will cover all the continents and countries and come into each house. The first sign of the moving crisis is waiting for a divine miraculous person – Messiah who is able to change our world. Millions and millions are waiting for him. Some of them are simply waiting for the end of the world and start of a new life period, others – for the second doomsday or new Moisei (Mosheah). Some people say, Mosheah was born yet, he can declare himself at every hour of the day or night. In the streets of Toronto you can observe cars with posters on them: “Mosheah is coming!” proclaiming his forthcoming. His birthday is also determined till the second.

Messiah is our contemporary. Two clairvoyants, without arranging, have indicated the certain date of his birthday.

Edgar Casey reported that “In the Middle East in one peasant family on February 5, 1962 was born a boy who will change our world. In the end there will be no wars and animosity and all the nations come together and will be a united community.”

This date was concerned by Jean Dickson – she has had a vision on February 5, 1962 at 7:17 in the morning: “A child was born in the Middle East in February 1962 after 7 o’clock in the morning will change the world. At the close of the century he will bring humanity hope and lay the foundations of new Christianity.”

Mosheah’s birth chart is very significant – picture 1. All 7 planets of the classical astrology are connected together in the Aquarius in the 12th house.

Five of them – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter have a certain combination within 1 degree and 18 minutes. Such a “functionary capacity” of the 12th house is more than exiting, but we are talking about “wonder person” - magic abilities are well shown through the 12th house.

Every planet combination is a very important person characteristic – it occupies matters of those houses which are ruled by planets being in the combination.

In our case we have following characteristics.


  • Sun-Mercury (0,7°) – great intellectual abilities; not abstract, “applied” thinking ;

The Sun and Mercury are connected with 4th, 6th and 7th houses.

  • Sun-Venus (2,1°) – strong feelings, the joy of life, optimism according to the law of life and death;

  • Sun-Jupiter (2,7°) – optimistic nature brings joy to the person and others, opportunity to have power and authority thanks to perspective projects connecting with the 6th and 9th houses;

  • Sun-Dragon’s Tail (2,1°) – the person is perfect in all spheres which are within his possibilities, able to influence on the masses;

  • Moon-Mercury (2,9°) – a close connection between sub- and consciousness;

  • Moon-Venus (1,5°) – diplomatic abilities;

  • Moon-Jupiter (0,9°) – compassion and generosity, wish to be gut to others;

  • Moon-Dragon’s Tail (1,5°) – self-discipline and concentration;

  • Mercury-Venus (1,4°) – abilities to science and mathematics, “practical mind”;

  • Mercury-Jupiter (2,0°) – expand person’s horizont, intellectual abilities; interest in religion, law, education; the person is of great intellect;

  • Mercury-Dragon’s Tail (1,4°) – “original mind”, independence, advanced views;

  • Venus-Jupiter (0,6°) – generosity and optimism; affable and sociable disposition;

  • Venus-Dragon’s Tail (0,0°) – willingness to help nearest;

  • Mars-Saturn (1,3°) – stamina, resource, courage and self-restriction.

Messiah’s dynamic horoscope is also very remarkable – picture 2. It follows from the horoscope that the weakest planet in his birth chart is the Moon and he strongest – the Mars and Mercury.

At present Messiah is under Mars’ control. He could announce himself this year, but there is no notable sign in directions. That’s why he will do that most likely in 7 years – in 2012 – in his birth chart the Moon in directions will combine with the new planet Lila (2003 UB 313) which has come to light this year. In our point of view the Lila is the Lord of the Libra, so the question is a new unit on equal grounds as a basis for stable peace on the planet. It should be noted that Messiah will mainly introduce “Aquarius ideas”: knowledge desire, humanism, freedom and service to the people.

What are people expecting from Mosheah? Do they really think that he will roll up his sleeves and start to make our planet better? We should not be naïve and mistaken about Mosheah’s role. Such a divine person influences on our history on a planet and millennium scale. His coming could be even unnoticed by our contemporaries – the same was in Christ time whose doctrine was for a long time only for a small group of his follows. (It is well-known that Christianity was generally recognized in Rome only in 312 in Constantine’s time.)

In any case Mosheah’s coming in 2012 has a certain sense. Namely that year could burst out the world crisis coursed by natural disasters. As a result all the power institutions will be in ruins in a moment. Maja cycle is drawing to a close. A new cycle with a 5125 year duration will certain a new world order. And Mosheah will introduce us this order.

Picture 1. Mosheah’s birth chart

Picture 2. Messiah’s dynamic horoscope