International Journal The World Astrology Review, No 5 (53), May 31, 2006

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Could Be Predicted

Alexander Trounev (Toronto, Canada)

Translated by Liudmila Gavrilova (Cologne, Germany)

During tsunami in Sri Lankan there were no dead wild beasts along the Indian Ocean Island’s coast, said Reuters accordingly to the local wildlife officials. No elephants were dead, not even a dead here or rabbit. Wild animals possess a “sixth sense” for disasters; they can sense them and know when things are happening, said animal specialists.


Every country has its own prophets, but nobody among them could forecast this terrible disaster last Sunday 2004 in South-East Asia. The giant waves killed tens of thousands of people in 11 countries. According the Indonesian government death roll contains over 80 000 people, in Sri Lankan – over 30 000, in India – 9 000 and in Thailand almost 5 000 people; among them more than 2 000 foreign tourists. There are a lot of victims in Somalis, Myanmar, Maldives, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Kenya.

That day, as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake occurred, a number of my clients asked me why nobody among prophets forecasted the disaster. I told them the Indian Ocean earthquake should be under Indian prophets’ control. I could pay attention to the region, if one of my clients was going to spend his holidays there and order me to analyse the situation. In that case I would take into account Winter Solstice review according to the time zone of the suffered region (picture 1). In the chart the Saturn is in the line of ascent – the Lord of the 7th and 8th houses – having contra parallel with the Mars – the Lord of MC, Venus – the Lord of the Ascendant. Is top in the sky and has contra parallel with the Uranus in the 8th house and Pluto in the 6th one.

The Mars - the Lord of MC – is in parallel with the Venus, Mercury and Neptune. According to the picture 1, the chart has real signals of a possible disaster.

The Lords of chart corners – the Moon, Saturn, Mars and Venus have mutual aspects.

The ascending Saturn is a sign of death through one’s own fault (the Indian Ocean region has no Anti-Tsunami Alert System).

The Venus, Mercury and Mars are in the 5th house. They point out danger in the entertainment sphere of tourism as well as for children (a lot of them were killed during tsunami).

Picture 1. The Winter Solstice chart of the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake’s region.

The earthquake occurred during the sunrise. It was very strong and killed several people at once on the Sumatra Island. But a tsunami triggered by the earthquake in the Indian Ocean was more dangerous than the earthquake itself. It spread till the coast of India, Africa and Thailand destroying Ceylon and Maldives. The most vulnerable was coastline beach zone – the most popular and favourite place for a great number of tourists all over the world. Rushing over beaches tsunami waves have killed over 100 000 people wiping everything off the face of the earth and making homeless over 1000000 people. UNO announced this tsunami as the greatest humanity catastrophe.

It is notable that wild animals in Sri Lankan have escaped the Indian Ocean tsunami - they can sense disasters. Therefore all of them have left the coastline before it.

Evolutionary Homo sapiens leave animals behind, but in this case evolution played a spiteful trick on arrogant humanity.

It is also very sad to point out that nobody financed worldwide Anti-Accident Alarm Systems based on preliminary signal locations.

Wild animals likely have no sense about modern science. Therefore they pick up such “alarm signals”. Otherwise they would be tsunami victims too.

It is remarkable that astrologers are very interesting for people because they era able to forecast. Other astrological possibilities giving everyone a real chance to analyse himself and his faith are also notable, but disputable.

An enormous tendency of the European astrology to psychological aspects causing by materialistic matters brings a great number of astrological schools which are capable to forecast the future. Such a curious incident of the modern astrology proceeds from the “people equality” idea according to the fact that spiritual developed persons with forecasting possibilities have no distinctions between them and others, who are ignorant and simply have rest lying on the beach.

That is the first reason of no hearer selection in almost all modern astrological schools. As the result a professional majority in astrology as well as in every other modern discipline consists of persons who are not gifted in science especially in astrology.

Without forecasting possibility they regard as of paramount importance force major circumstances which give then no opportunity to make reliable forecasts.

In the end their clients have been the victims of tsunami. At the same time rabbits unknown to these curious views according to their “sixth sense” only have left the dangerous zone before the disaster.